Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bugs = Embossing + Debossing

beauty is in the eye of the beholder RAISE

Debossing Design
Detail of Debossing
Trust Oneself Bee
 Debossing Design
Detail of Debossing
Law + Order Beeltes
Embossing Design
 Embossing Detail
Sand and Stone Cricket
 Embossing Design
 Detail of Embossing
 All About Me Cicadas
 Debossing Design
Detail of Debossing

This summer my family and I went on a lecture & walking tour with the
self-made Naturalist & Entomologist, Paul Keim, through Prospect Park's
Long Meadow after sunset in search of winged nocturnal creatures.

We saw and heard bats catching dragon flies mid-air, cicadas metamorphosing
from the beetles hard shell to the insect itself, and male katydids loudly
producing the sound, Katy did it, by rubbing their wings together (stridulitrum).
I shall never again look at Long Meadow as just a pretty, green lawn. 

The above are bugs I've recently painted collected at Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY,
by my children Faye, Martine & Niko.

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