Saturday, April 28, 2012


Selected winner in the 3rd 2012 showcased competition on ARTslant

Medium: Drypoint Etching + Collograph + Embossing  + Bookbinding Board + Oil on kozo & BFK Rives
Size: 24" height x 24" width x 10 pages = 8 feet - 15 feet viewing space when open.

AMSTERDAM nederland
BOUNDLESS grensoverschrijdend grafiek 
6 September - 19 October

 Silk Satin box cover for the HUMAN CONDITION
The Principles of the Prints & Prose

The Lotus Eater illustrates that although there may be a state of indifference in ones thought, do not distance yourself from love. Hold true to yourself.

The Blue Avatar suggests that if one could dust out their heart and love, there would be a change of consciousness.

Freeman! conveys that one may feel trapped by the human condition, but do not accept failure before giving success an opportunity.

Muse = Niko

Inspiration photo for The Lotus Eater

Final print for The Lotus Eater

Text page for The Lotus Eater

  Inspiration photo for The Blue Avatar 

Final print for The Blue Avatar

Text page for The Blue Avatar

Inspiration photo for FREEMAN!

Final print for FREEMAN!

Text page for FREEMAN!