Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Print FREEMAN! exhibiting in  
Juror Sarah Schmerler
August 24 through October 26, 2013
Opening Reception September 7, 2013, 4-6pm

Printmaking Center of New Jersey
Branchburg NJ

Artists in the exhibition:
Preston Bradley
Jesse Burke
Jenn Consoli
Myles Dunigan
Kyle Holland
Jeanette May
Chris Mona
Erinn Nordeman
Paulius Nosokas
PD Packard
Eric Rhein
Andrew Rice
Dakota Sica
Jessica Stalvey
Angele Switzler
Pablo Tauler
David Greg Taylor
Patrick Todd
Eli VandenBerg
Larry Walczak
Barbara Zietchick
Pedro Zylbersztajn

Panel Discussion:
“Men and Women: The Reflection in the Mirror Is Me”, Thursday, Sept 12, 7-9pm
Panelists: Dr. Marilee Adams, Author of “Change Your Questions: Change Your Life” and Dr. Michael Andronico, Editor, “Men in Group”.
This discussion will focus on the power and men and women and the humanity we share in common.

Panel Discussion:
“Revealing New Facets of Maleness and Masculinity through Visual Arts”, Tuesday, Sept 24, 7-9pm
Panelists: Pablo Tauler, Eli VandenBerg, & Evonne M. Davis. Sarah Schmerler, Moderator.

Reception: September 7, 2013

 Print FREEMAN! with the stunning print by Erinn Nordeman to the right.
 Print studio shot of printing plate cleaners & degreasers by my dear friend and brilliant painter,
JT Krause.

 The Printmaking Center of New Jersey is surrounded by beautiful farms and country. It's really quite shocking to pass by cows that look like this on the many single lane roads.
Signage at its best! 


Currently Exhibiting my Embossing & Collagraph Prints:
Taller Galeria Fort 
Cadaqués Girona Spain
 29 June - 30 September, 2013

Wingfield Barns
Wingfield England
27 July - 3 September, 2013

Bages France
November 16 - January 19, 2014

 For over 30 years, artists from all over the world have been participating in The Mini Print International of Cadaqués, a print competition open to all styles and techniques of printmaking.
August Street Life in Cadaqués

In Sitges the small winding streets, street life and the beach have the same feeling of many of the sea towns on the Costa Brava. 
Just around the corner from the white building below you will find the main town beach, packed full of people. 
 We stay in the family beach front apartment in Castelldefels, which borders the coast of the Mediterranean Sea between the towns of Sitges and Gava. Martine and Faye model their purses they made with their Aunt Montse on the balcony.
On the other side of the mountains below you will find Sitges, about a 10 minutes drive from Castelldefels.
Faye, Niko and Victor spend several days wind surfing at Castelldefels while Martine and I sit on the beach watching them with binoculars and getting fried in the sun.

About 1 1/2 hours north of Barcelona you'll find Can Vila, a beautiful rural bed & breakfast run by my sister-in-law Gloria and her husband, Koldo.
Koldo is an excellent chef and always makes delicious meals for the guests. For lunch he served us the Catalan dish, Arros Negre, out on the patio. The cephalopod ink from the octopus is used to blacken the rice.
On the surrounding grounds of Can Vila I can find many wonderful insects and dried plant life that I use to make my collagraph printing plates. Below is a beetle (dead) that Koldo presented to me as a gift. When alive, the beetle's wings span out into a beautiful, iridescent blue.

Madrid's wide streets and berroquena stone buildings, quarried in the nearby Guadarrame Mountain Range, seem to emphasize the hot, dry heat but anything is better than the high humidity we experience in NYC!
Tapas at the Mercado de San Miguel = lots of tourist and expensive food, but I am happy to stick to the basics: Bocadillo con Jamón Ibérico, Aceitunas con Anchoas and Tortilla de Patatas - yum!

We spend a long weekend in the town of Collado at the home of my sister-in-law Angeles with her husband Rafa and two of her children, Pablo and Lola. Collado is a town near the Guadarrame mountains about 40 mintues outside of Madrid where sking is a popular winter sport. 

On a street near their home, I find the usual evidence that there are NO BIG AMERICAN CARS here and I fantasize about driving this charming SEAT 1400, with white fur seat covers, all around Brooklyn, but then I think, humm... someone could trip right over the car while crossing the street because it's so darn small.
La Granja is the former summer residence of the Castilian Kings of Spain. Originally built by  
Philip V and modelled on Versailles, built by his grandfather, Louis XIV of France.
Now a museum open to the public, the grounds have extensive gardens loaded with sculpture. 
 In the early evening during the summer months the public can view a water show of some of the most large and elaborate fountains on the grounds. Just follow the masses to find the working fountains.
Manually controlled by the original water system, the fountains are completely opened during the water show to spray out onto the initially surprised, but then delighted, bystanders.

The famous Roman Aqueduct is very impressive indeed, but I love the buildings of this beautiful mediaeval town and their evidence of the Roman, Moorish, Jewish and Christian cultures.
Martine eating Obleas, guilt-free.