Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the influence

MoMA | Museum of Modern Art 

March 8 - June 8, 2014 

The exhibition rooms seem to be emitting only a small amount of light. The walls have been painted chartreuse yellow and a dark teal blue. It's not quite time for lunch but I become so hungry I can't concentrate.


This exhibition focuses on Paul Gauguin’s rare prints and transfer drawings. I am smitten by his choice of the ground color that he uses in his almost blackened woodblock prints; a bright burnt sienna orange.


I return to my studio and commence work on my Eastern State Penitentiary series printing with a parole orange + burnt sienna.


 Shift Of Thought


Monday, March 10, 2014


Arts Day Festival 2014
PS 261 Elementary School
Brooklyn, New York
March 7, 2014 

Itajime Shibori = Japanese method of dying paper and fabric by the shaped-resist technique.

Once again I was asked to teach a workshop to Catherine Pacilio's amazing 5th grade class on the Japanese decorative papermaking technique, Itajime Shibori, during the school's annual Arts Day Festival.

The initial step to achieve the traditional Itajime Shibori pattern is to fold the kozo paper into an accordion fold and clamp it with your fingers. 

The folded paper is then dipped into liquid paint and when unfolded you can achieve something that looks like this:

Ms Pacilio's 5th grade students collectively chose there own individual paths to creative glory. Many students even plunged their hands into the liquid paint to further express their drive for creative freedom.