Thursday, February 12, 2015

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February 1992 | Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
When I bought my house in 1992, it had been boarded up and vacant for over 10 years. 
The front door was an 8' x 4' plywood board with a large chain lock on it.
All the original 24 windows had been removed and plywood put in their place.  
There was no electricity or water.
All the brass water pipes had been stolen.
There was a huge hole in the roof allowing the rain and snow to flow freely into the empty 4th floor bedrooms.  
Most of the original late Victorian details had been removed by vandals while the house stood vacant.
The plaster had fallen off the walls and lay in huge piles on the floor. 
Friends have called it the Addams Family house, but my home represents the opportunity to express my true love, color.

Today | February 2015

Artists in order of appearance:
Richard Thomas
Martine Arranz
Ian Trask


  1. Oh, I love your sense of colour - absolutely uplifting. I've found you via Seth, and so pleased to see your art.

  2. What an intriguing house. I'd love to see more sometime.