Printmaking Workshop Studio Design for Smithtown Township Arts Council

Last year I was approached by the executive director of Smithtown Township Arts Council (STAC), Allison Cruz, to design an on-site Printmaking Workshop Studio at the gallery complex based on the donation of a large etching press from a local well-known artist. The STAC director’s goal is to develop a working printmaking studio accessible to the community and also offer classes specializing in various printmaking techniques. My desire is to promote techniques of painting and drawing through the exciting media of printmaking and even if slight, challenge the global art market’s view of printmaking as a secondary status that is frequently segregated from other forms of art.

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  1. Dear Mr. Packard - I would like to use your excellent layout in order to design my own small printmaking studio. Would you kindly share with me the overall size of the room? Also, how much space did you allow around the etching press? I’m not sure of the space between the press and the working tables and counters against the walls. My etching press is much smaller. I would appreciate your reply very much. Thank you for posting this. Angela Silva