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Parallax Art Fair NYC, August 2012
As I stood reviewing my exhibition plan designed for the 3-day art event, I glanced over to a nearby booth and observed another exhibitor examining his plan that he too had prepared for the hanging of his artwork. The artist was Seth Apter. After a proper introduction, I discovered that Seth wasn’t using the Parallax Art Fair solely as a platform to show his work, but that he was genuinely interested in the other artists and their amazing creative force. 

There is an obvious readiness in Seth to give more of himself to all of humanity, unselfishly. His generosity freely translates into an abundance of ideas evidenced by his blog, books, workshops and artwork that I have the pleasure of owning!
 original artwork, Passare, by Seth Apter

My methods, inspiration and thoughts while working on my submission for The Mixed Media Artist book.
It begins with a single word that my intuition presents before me.
I demand of me to truly understand the practical and metaphysical meaning of this word. 
This leads to another word, then another word, and then the formation of prose. 
To the best of my ability I become silent, listening and trusting my inner response. 
I am layered in methodical thought and committed to express the principles of unconditional Love, not conditional romance.
original artwork created for the book: the EXPRESSION
I use an etching press for printmaking. For the print the EXPRESSION I created a collagraph plate to produce subtle ground and relief patterns on the paper. The plates are made from plant life and insects that I have collected from my garden and from the woods where ever I travel.
The dried plant life is glued down with PVA (polyvinyl acetate) onto bookbinding board. The finished plate is covered with varnish, shellac or polyurethane to make it waterproof.
 Below is the finished collagraph print used for the ground color for the EXPRESSION.
The technique of using laser cut plexi to create printed embossing is featured in the print, the EXPRESSION. The artwork for the print is originally designed on the computer and then laser cut in plexi. The cut plexi is then glued down to styrene (in the opposite direction) to make the printing plate. 
Inked plate ready to be printed.
Additional color story for the EXPRESSION.

Door Ask Listen
This is the face I show the world, that I rely greatly upon my intuition. 
Entering through the open, mental door of thought, I continually turn inward, 
asking myself questions. 
To the best of my ability I become silent, listening and trusting my inner response.
The Chinese characters in the artwork below & to the left are Door, Ask and Listen in running script, from top to bottom.
 original artwork created for the book: Door Ask Listen
Original sketches for Door Ask Listen
 Etching tools: The image is carved out of plexi, using the Drypoint method of etching.
Plexi plate with portrait photo taken by Faye, my 10 years old twin daughter.
Printing plate is inked and excess ink is removed with tarlatan fabric & newsprint.
Additional color stories for Door Ask Listen. The collagraph plate used to create the subtle background patterns for the EXPRESSION is also used on Door Ask Listen.

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