Video Release: PD Packard's Printed Decorative Papers with Akua Inks

 Artist, PD Packard (left), Video Director, Christine Puma (middle), and Artist + Akua Inks Inventor, Susan Rostow (left). Photo Credit: Faye Arranz

To view VIDEO:

Artist PD Packard takes you through the making of her Printed Decorative Papers using Akua Inks. Her "commitment to color", as she describes, inspires the layering of the decorative patterns she creates using dried leaves that she's collected. Packard emphasizes the importance of devising a "color story", selecting several colors to be used in each printed element. The Akua Liquid Pigment Inks allow her to print almost unlimited layers of sheer color that are tied together with a final layer of Akua Intaglio, creating patterns that appear indefinitely complex. Once her printed papers are created, she applies the prints to larger, sculptural works that are addressed in this video.

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